pour moi la mode qui brille c'est...


It allows to offer you collector's pieces, almost unique because produced in very few copies, while destroying waste and unsold items. #theplanetthanksyou 🌎 .


This word that we do not know how to pronounce but that we read everywhere actually means something very simple: we use "sleeping" fabrics (which have already been produced but have never been used) to make the majority of our pieces. So, no need to produce new ones #itsaysthanksagain🌎 !

At Barje we buy fabrics of luxury houses, which allows us to combine the quality of materials and eco-responsibility. So you can strut around in your collector's suit made from fabric scraps *** ? rather "barje" right?


Our pieces can be worn in sets or mismatched for an infinity of possibilities...! Take a look at the photos of our eshop you will understand 🤩 .... Designed to be worn in pumps or sneakers, you will never be disappointed 👌



Two obsessions at Barje: know-how and making it last 👯. All our models are produced in Paris and Poland in our two small workshops chosen for their expertise, their working conditions and of course their transparency (essential criterion). A real relationship of trust has been forged since our beginnings with them. In short, we know everything about them and they know everything about us 🤝❤️.